Alan J Finn Qualifications and Experience

Hello and welcome to my site. Here you will find out a little bit about me and some of my thoughts on the psychology of growing up in Ireland today and in the future.


Further Qualifications, Experiences and Philosophies

What does all this mean to you the client? I have an H.Dip. in Counselling and Psychotherapy, an Hons. Degree in Psychology plus the many other qualifications listed. I am a trained Child Mentor with the ISPCC and have over 2000 hours of practical experience working with and helping children/teenagers who are experiencing emotional turbulence of some kind in their young lives. As one of the big problems in Ireland today is drugs both illegal and legal (alcohol), I hold a Diploma in Addiction Studies and am trained in Motivational Interviewing, I am also a Certified Mediator so an extensive toolbox at my disposal should it be required.

I am a volunteer Treasurer of a local Community Drugs Team and a volunteer member of the Dublin 15 RAPID Task Force which involves regular meetings with an Gárda Siochana, HSE and Fingal County Council, thus placing me in a superb position to keep abreast of and up to date on the daily issues affecting us all. I am also a trained Marriage Guidance Facilitator With ACCORD.

My main sphere of interest is the varying Human Condition in all it's complexity and I hope to do a Doctoral Thesis on same in due course. I work regularly with Adults Teens and Children.


Alan is also a trained Mindfulness Practitioner. He trained here in Ireland and in the United States with one of the leading practitioners,who himself trained with the founder of Mindfulness, Jon Kabat- Zinn of the University of Massachusetts. Alan has been a practitioner of this way of "BEING", (which lies at the heart of Buddhist meditative practice),for the past 25 years.

He combines this approach with his work as a Psychologist/Therapist to provide Mindfulness based Therapy. This Therapy and approach can be utilised for many of life's problems which include, Job Loss, Changes in Career, Redundancy, Stress Reduction, and all of lifes stressors.

Adherance to it's principles results in Increased Energy and general Psychological and Physical well being. Mindfulness practice increases our understanding of the deep inner capacities of human beings for healing and for living our lives with greater BALANCE And HAPPINESS. Alan believes that "Minding the Mind, Minds the Body". Alan gives consultations to Individuals,Couples, Youth and Children and the Corporate Sector.

What can I offer you the client by way of therapy?

I can assist the Child/Adolescent/Adult with Emotional and Behavioural disturbances such as Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Frustration, Grief, Guilt, Lack of Confidence, Self Esteem, Stress, Eating Disorders, Relationship Problems Addictions and Bullying.

Living in Ireland is becoming increasingly stressful especially for our young people/teens, increased pressure on parents also puts increased pressure on kids. Do not let a small problem grow, act early.

All of my clients are given my personal phone number and I am always contactable,up until about 9pm, I am passionate about my clients and my work and while I can not be available in person 24/7, I am always on the end of the phone, a quick chat can in my experience often diffuse a heated situation.

I am a firm believer in the Bio Psycho Social Model of behaviour which states that a persons behaviour is affected by multi factors, i.e. their Biological make up their Psychological makeup and their Environment all of which act upon each other.

In plain language the client is not viewed in isolation. Their Family, Friends indeed all of the things which are in their world, all of their circumstances, are looked at. Problems can arise from a single aspect or a conjunction of aspects.

I believe passionately in the goodness of human beings. No child is born with a gene which predisposes them to delinquency badness or anything else.

Get in touch if you are experiencing a difficulty with yourself or a child. You will be listened to with Empathy.